In my first painting in the series,  (You Are Here)  the Earth is shown as a tiny planet in a very large universe; a reminder of just how small and precious it is. At this time it is all we have.

It was followed by  (Take Care)  which features the earth as a central image surrounded by its’ spiritual energies. In the border the message “take care of” is repeated in many different languages.  Surrounding this are random words and letters to remind us that language is our particular human construct that has its own power and limitations.

The  (Earth Nest)  painting places the Earth within a familiar object of security, but reminds us that its ecology is embraced by our labors, our responsibility.

In  (Down To Earth)  the familiar phrase is given secondary implications with the additions of birds and their use of down feathers.

Please join with me in contemplating and rejoicing in your place on Earth.

“Art Inspired by Nature ”

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Elaine Luneke

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From her travels in the Northwest and her Oregon Studio, she has endeavored to project the spirit, beauty and essence of the connection between the human intellectual experience and its relationship and effect upon nature. In both the large scope of natural surroundings and the finely woven textures of its ever changing elements she discerns links that are essential to our evolution. 

“The opportunity to work with a variety of artistic mediums has also been a delight to me.  I have enjoyed discovering the properties of different painting materials, working with hot glass, semi precious stones, and metals, and manipulating computerized photographs. 

You are invited to share her visions of our connections with nature.”


By Elaine Luneke

The underlying theme of the art from Elaine’s Oregon Studio has become the name of her collective works “Natural Surroundings”©.

“A heightened awareness of the Earth and our environment has been brought to the forefront in our world today.

My Earth Awareness series is an attempt to create images that would remind us of our relationship to the natural world.

Take Care                                             Acrylic                                            36” x 36”

Earth Nest                           Acrylic                       30” x  40”

You Are Here                     Acrylic                    30” x  40”

Down To Earth                                  Acrylic                                       36” x  36”

Laden                                                                                                               Acrylic                                                                                                         60” x  36”

Ruching                                        Acrylic                                     36” x  48”

Nice To Meet You                            Acrylic                   24” x  36”

Naturtecture                                          Acrylic                   36” x  48”

Under the Canopy                                Acrylic                      36” x  36”

Nice To Meet You                                Acrylic                                     24” x  36”

Three Muses                                                                                             Acrylic                                                                                                         20” x  60”